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Our most frequently asked questions.

  1. Is registering for Easytolet Wallet free?

    It's absolutely free! You need not spend a penny to become an Easytolet Wallet user. Also, there are no extra charges for adding money to the wallet.
  2. Do I have to pay extra charges for the convenience of using the wallet?

    No. Your Easytolet wallet is free for you to use, forever.
  3. I have transferred money into my wallet. Can I get the transferred money back in cash?

    No. Cash uploads once done will not be refunded back in cash.
  4. Does the cash stored in my wallet expire?

    Any cash that you recharged through a debit card / credit card / netbanking account / recharge point, and any refunds that you received, is yours for lifetime. There is no expiry for cash coming from these sources.

    However, if you have received some promotional cash from us or our partner merchants, which are valid for limited periods, then such cash may have expiry dates. In such cases you would be able to check the expiry date of the same from your wallet account page.

    However, please note that six months of complete inactivity on your Easytolet account will attract a dormancy fee of INR 25/- . Hence please ensure that you use your wallet or at least log in once every six months.

  5. How can I recharge my Easytolet wallet?

    You have a lot of easy recharge options. Use your debit card, credit card or netbanking account to top up your wallet. Very soon, more exciting recharge options will come your way, so watch out!
  6. Why do you need mobile number verification?

    First reason, we want to make sure you have not made a mistake entering the number. In case you made a mistake, all your transaction alerts would keep going to a wrong mobile number. Neither you nor we would like that, so we use a secure and sophisticated way to ensure that the mobile number is correct.

    Moreover, it is mandated by Indian law to ensure that all transactions done on any account are genuine and basic details of the transactor are captured. The mobile number is a unique identification we use, that is simple for you to remember as well.

  7. Can my Easytolet wallet expire? What will happen if the wallet expires?

    If you fail to register any activity or log in to your wallet account even once in a period of six months, we will debit a dormancy fee of Rs. 50/- from your wallet balance, towards wallet handling costs. The same will reflect in your account statement. However, you will receive alerts on your email ID registered with us, within the thirty day period before your wallet approaches dormancy. Subsequent periods of inactivity will attract dormancy fees at the same rate till the wallet balance becomes zero. A zero balance inactive wallet will be closed down and the account disabled.
  8. Will I receive any alert before my wallet expires?

    Wallets that remain completely inactive for six months will attract a dormancy fee of Rs. 25/- for every such six monthly period of inactivity. You will receive alerts before this debit is done. Wallets that approach zero balance through progressive deduction of dormancy fees may be closed down and no further alerts will be sent.