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Easytolet Guarantee

We've got you covered if your tenants leave before the end of their contract.

More rental income

We assist you to reduce vacancy period and gain more income

Trusted Tenants

We send tenants only after verifying their documents & background

We're changing the way people rent properties.

709 million
Total 709 million sq ft available for rent and adding more every day
Properties from our amazing community of owners and agents.
Locations where owners have started renting with us.
6 days
On average it takes us just 6 days to find a tenant.

How It Works

Add Property

Start by creating your listing. It's one time & permanent !

  • Add property details & description
  • Take photos and upload to your listing
  • Locate your property on map
[ We've got tools and resources to do it easily ]

Add preferences

Lets us know about the kind of tenant you are looking for

  • Add your tenant preference details
  • Choose right rent, your rental terms & conditions
  • Add preferred time to meet tenant
[ Relax we shall send you the preferred tenants ]

Receive enquiries

Tenants await your response before they decide to meet you

  • You have 24 hours to respond to tenant enquiries
  • Accept site visit requests or suggest your convenient time
  • Meet tenants and show them the property
[ Know your tenants before you rent ]

Accept bookings

You are now almost ready to close the deal

  • Accept booking request and await 48 hours for us to close the deal
  • Sign the rental agreement & handover the key
  • Receive security deposit and one month advance rent
[ Hassle free process until rented ]

Know who is staying in your home

We make sure genuine people are staying in the house. We verify:

Identity Proof

Address Proof

Employment Proof

Education Proof



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